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Wednesday, February 21st, 2018
Tracking 7,720 movie actors, directors and producers.

HoozNooz: The Automatic A-List!

HoozNooz pulses online entertainment news looking for movie actors, directors and producers. It tracks how often each celebrity is mentioned and compiles a list, ranking by the number of mentions. Each personality has a 3-day, week and month ranking (we call it a HoozRank), plus an all-time HoozRank. There is absolutely no bias, judgement or opinion - we rank purely on "newsiness" (we also make up words).

Each celebrity has their own page where you can see their latest appearances in the news and links to any other personalities appearing in the same news articles. If the celebrity has a Twitter account you can even see their latest tweets!

Create Your Own HoozList!

You can create your own HoozList by clicking on the star icon next to each celebrity's name. The star then turns golden. Your list is displayed on the left side of the screen, giving you quick and easy access to the latest news featuring your favorite movie personalites. Don't like them anymore? No problem: just click the golden star next to their name and they're outta your HoozList!

Why does John Lennon have a HoozRank?

Each name featured in HoozNooz has appeared in, directed or produced a movie at some point in their career. Even if they were a one-time voice actor, they're in.

Where's Montgomery Clift?

HoozNooz came online on September 17th, 2010. If your favourite actor hasn't been in the news since then, they're not in HoozNooz. Keep checking - they'll end up in here eventually!